The most asked question in human history is …

What exactly are the 23 flavours in Dr Pepper?

Follow us through the rabbit can hole to find out.

You won’t believe the flavours used.

Shocking! Amazing! Captivating!

Hollywood may make a movie about this.

People around the world are trying to visit this site as we speak.

Our servers can’t handle all the users.

This is madness. No, this is Dr Pepper. The secret 23 flavours revealed.

If you’re reading this, today’s your lucky day.

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Take the day off work or use a sick day if you have to. Or don’t. We’re not the boss of you.

I can’t believe we’re about to tell you this.

Maybe, we should double-check to make sure we can do this.

Ok. We good.

Are you ready?

Remember to breathe more.




You have to be prepared for this.

In 5




The secrets of the 23 flavours can only be told through the art of storytelling.

So get ready for more time travel.

More aliens.

More romance.

More yard work.

More pirates and mermaids running from swimming cows.

More flying bananas.

In a land beyond the ice wall where everything is more.

The secret 23 Flavours of Dr Pepper will be finally revealed in the story belowwwwwww.

Scroll on.

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You play video games for hours. This is nothing.

Scroll kings. Scroll queens.

Keep scrolling and a genie may also grant you 23 wishes.

Do you remember why you started to scroll?

It’s to find out the secret 23 Dr Pepper flavours.

Keep scrolling. I promise, you’re almost there.

Will you marry me?


You just scroll married Dr Pepper.

This is legally binding in the Metaverse.

Congratulations to us.

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Our honeymoon with 23 flavours awaits.

We're going to have 23 babies. More is more.

Each named after one of the 23 flavours, about to be revealed.

You made it!!!!

It’s storytime. The 23 flavours secret is yours.

It all started in the 1800s when Dr Pepper was trying to solve the global thirst problem. People were tired of drinking water, milk and boos. They wanted more.

So he used his brain to create a can that had 23 parts and combined to make:

A time travel device.

So, Dr Pepper travelled to the future. When he got there, the earth was being attacked by evil aliens. They started to chase him, so he ran.

He then bumped into a beautiful woman, who saved him by throwing flying bananas from the air at the aliens.

She took him back to her home. He noticed that the yard was enormous and needed some work. So he mowed her lawn.

She fell in love with him, and he with her.

Dr Pepper told her about his quest to create a drink that gave people more.

She told him that beyond the ice wall were 23 magical flavours, and when combined would be a flavourful drink for those that wanted more.

So they set sail and took off for adventure together.

While sailing, they were suddenly attacked by pirates and mermaids. She used her magical horn to summon swimming cows to chase them away.

They finally make it beyond the ice wall to a tropical paradise.

Dr Pepper then discovers that the secret 23 flavours were actually inside each and every one of us, all along!!!!!!!

Just kidding.

They picked 23 flavours from the land and combine them to make the ultimate drink. They called this new drink: Dr Pepper.

Dr Pepper's lover then tells him that she's pregnant with 23 twins.

They travel back together to Dr Pepper’s home and he realizes that his can wasn’t a time travel device, it was a device to enter, the flavourverse.

And the 23 flavours were from another dimension.

So here are the flavours.

All your scrolling has been finally worth it.

You are the definition of MORE IS MORE.
























Legal* DISCLAIMER: these listed ingredients are not the real ingredients of the beverage Dr Pepper. All flavours can be found in this dimension but with different names. Did you really think we would reveal our most prized possession? We know we got you for a second!




(This is just one account of the 23 flavours story. Another account says Dr Pepper was made by a pharmacist who wanted to make a drink that tasted like a pharmacy. He named the drink after the owner of his workplace’s daughter, whom he fell in love with. And then he built a time/multiverse device for the flavours.)